Dr. Teresa Durham (Wojciechowski)

Dr. Teresa Durham (Wojciechowski)Cabot Veterinarian Dr. Durham (Wojciechowski) has been serving her hometown since 1995 with the vision that a veterinary clinic should provide not only to help the patients but to provide resources and education to our ‘pet parents’. Through better knowledge, we aim to help our clients understand what and why their pet may need certain therapies. Our main goal is to do what it takes to keep our patients healthy and happy. If the need arises, we are here if they become sick.

Dr. Lauri Geater

Dr. GeaterDr. Lauri Geater joined All For Pets Veterinary Clinic in 2012. She practiced for 10 years prior to that in North Little Rock. Dr. Geater is originally from Arkansas, but attended Mississippi State University for her undergraduate and veterinary degrees. She is married with 2 boys, ages 14 and 10, and one dog, Lola, a shelter rescue. Dr. Geater is certified in veterinary rehabilitation, which is similar to physical therapy, to help pets recover from orthopedic injuries/surgery and arthritis due to aging. She stays busy with her family, fishing, and supporting her Mississippi State Bulldogs.

Dr. Kristie Coley

Dr ColeyDr. Kristie Coley joined All For Pets Veterinary Clinic in 2011 as a weekend relief veterinarian. She had been in private practice for 14 years prior.  During the week Dr. Coley is the Program Director and the Veterinarian for the ASU-Beebe Veterinary Technician Program.  Dr. Coley attended veterinary school at Louisiana State University.  She received an undergraduate degree from Arkansas State University.  She is also certified in veterinary rehabilitation, which helps animals with orthopedic injuries, surgical recoveries as well as common issues such as arthritis in senior pets.   She is very active in all things outdoors, loves anything that involves water, and is an avid football fan.  She is an active sportsman loving to duck hunt, deer hunt, and fish.  She has been active in field trials with her Labrador retrievers when her busy schedule allows.  Her family also includes a Chesapeake Bay retriever, a shallow water retriever (AKA Dachshund), horses, cats and birds.

Hospital Manager


I have been the Hospital Manager since 2002. We moved here from Chicago in 1995. My husband and I have 3 dogs and 2 cats. All of our animals are rescues or just walked up to our home and we have adopted them. We enjoy swimming in our pool with our friends. We also love to watch the Chicago Bears and Cubs! Fans Forever!

Nurse Coordinator

All For Pets Vet CyndiCyndi

I have been with All For Pets since 2003 and love it here. I have 3 dogs, (Daphne, Scrappy and Rose) 1 cat, (Scrat Cat). All of my pets have been rescues or adopted, with the exception of Rose, she was a gift. Thanks Kids, but we love her!

Certified Veterinary Technicians


I am originally from St. Louis, MO. I moved to Cabot in June of 2002 and began working at All For Pets in July of 2002. I have a son that is in college, a daughter in high school, a doberman named Darby, a Pomeranian named Trixie, and a cat named Sally. In my spare time I enjoy drawing, horseback riding, and watching Cardinal baseball.

Surgical Nurse


Hi! My name is Carol and I have been a surgery tech here at All For Pets since 2006. I have been working as a veterinary nurse for 15 years. I have a yellow lab named Sueno, a dachshund named Munchkin and a Chihuahua-Pug named Jasper. I love animals and enjoy my work. My daughter, Jordan, is following in my footsteps attending ASU Beebe to be a Veterinary Technician.

Veterinary Technician/ Dental Assistants


Hello! I’m Ashley. I recently graduated from the vet tech program and ASU; I’m planning to get my license in November so that I can become a Certified Veterinary Technician. I have three dogs, Eily, Ziggy and Beethoven. I have two awesome felines, Rengar and Matilda. I enjoy hiking, watching television, and taking long naps in my bed with my feline babies.



Hey my name is Veronica, I have been a vet assistant for 10 years. In my spare time I enjoy hiking, camping, film photography, playing with my two cats, Sunshine and Shaft, and my most fun comes from watching the best NFL team ever. GO COWBOYS!!! while I am enjoying all that fun, I plan to graduate from UALR with a Bachelor Degree in Biology (Spring 2016) and enhance my microscopic specialty skills in fecal interpretations.


Hey Y’all! My name in Bailey, I have been with All For Pets since April of 2014. I was born here in Arkansas but grew up in Alabama. I moved back in 2009 and have always had a love for animals. I have a German Shepherd named Diogi and two horses named Poco and Sierra. Right now I am currently the dental assistant for the clinic and I absolutely love what I do.


Hi my name in Becca. I have been a vet assistant for 3 years. In my spare time I like to skate, camp, watch TV, and play with my pets. I have a 5 year old Great Dane named Sydney, a 2 year old domestic long hair cat named Kitty and new a 6 week old kitten named Boo. I plan to be a pilot one day. The school is very expensive so its going slowly. One day I’ll be there. I recently got married to a Little Rock Fire Fighter. In two years we plan on breeding and starting our own family.


Hey! I’m Kaitlyn. I am currently attending the Vet Tech program at ASU Beebe and working on my Bachelor’s Degree. I have a 2 year old German Shepherd named Bernie and a 12 year old Spaniel Mix named Elle. On my days off, I love to read and take trips with my hubby and fur babies!



Little Rock

Hi there! My name is Kate, and I have been a nurse at All For Pets since March of 2015. I moved to Little Rock in 2014 from St. Paul, MN where I was born and raised. I have my AAS in Veterinary Technology from Argosy University. I have been a veterinary technician for 5 years and have had experience in both small animal practice and emergency medicine. I moved to Jacksonville after getting married this year and fell in love with the Cabot area. I feel so lucky to have met such wonderful clients and their sweet furry pets. I have an 11 month old German Shepherd who I love spending time with on my days off.


Hello! I’m Erin. I recently graduated from the vet tech program at ASU; I’m planning to get my license in November so that I can become a Certified Veterinary Technician. I have two dogs, Sunday and November, and a cat named Willy. In my spare time I enjoy canoeing, swimming, DIY projects and napping. Eventually I would like to work with large exotic animals.


I’ve grown up with animals all my life and I’ve always had a passion for them. Currently I have 4 dogs and 2 cats. I’ve got 2 black lab mixes named Sweet Pea and Spike, a jack russell named Jack, and a little mutt dog named Bear. Bonnie and Angel are my two cats. I’m currently in school and once I earn my B.S. I plan on attending dental school. In my free time I enjoy reading, running and doing anything outdoors.

Client Relations Coordinator


Hey! My name is Ericka, I am the Client Relations Coordinator and Safety Advisor here at All For Pets. I have been in the animal business for 7 years now. My sweet Labrador, Dakota, of 13 years, recently passed away. So, now our goofy clinic cat, Smokey, has claimed me and we are besties for life! I have made some amazing two and four legged friends here at All For Pets and hope to continue making more!

Client Relations


I moved to Arkansas in the fall of 2008 from California. I am still not used to the weather. I started at All For Pets May of 2015 and I love it! The clients and my coworkers are great! I have one son, Psy, who is 9 and this past November I married my boyfriend of 6 years, Jeff. We have two cats Calix and Hades and two lionhead rabbits, Yeti and Gramps, who are all my children. We also have a 5 year old goldfish named Fredrick. In my spare time (when I have some) I like to spend time with my family playing games or going out, I enjoy crafting of all kinds and also work in wedding and newborn photography.


I’m Kelsey. I have two dogs, Abbie and Daisy. Abbie is a lab mix and Daisy a beagle mix. I love working here at All For Pets. Seeing all of our clients leave happy and healthy brightens my day!

IT Media Coordinator


Hey Everyone! I have been at All For Pets since May of 2013. I have always had a passion for animals and believe I was called to work with them. While working at All For Pets I have learned so much and continue to grow everyday. I would not trade my job for the world. I have met some really amazing people and pets while here.

I was born and raised in Phoenix,AZ and moved to Arkansas in 1996. I currently have 6 dogs; Chumley, Adeera, Tinkerbell, Chopper, Emme and Scooter. 1 Ferret, Delta. I also have 5 horses; Apache, Chant, Prairie, Buster and Candy. Pretty much all of my spare time goes to my pets. What free time I do have otherwise, I enjoy car photography and spending as much time as I can with my family.

Resort Coordinator


I am the Resort Coordinator and love what I do. I have 3 dogs and 1 cat at home. I love to hike, float, camp,swim and just about anything else with my pups. I strive to treat your animals how I would want mine treated. I love all the babies that come into All For Pets!

Resort Staff


Hi, my name is Shelby. I’m a big animal lover, I have a kitten named Tempest. I love reading books, playing video games, watching movies, and my favorite shows which are “American Horror Story” and “Doctor Who”. I work here to learn and grow in this field of work.


My name is Kellie. I’ve been working at the clinic since September 2014. I currently have a Bernese mountain dog named Sierra, a black lab named Bailey and a fat grey cat named Smokey. I attended ASU Beebe in hopes of eventually becoming an Occupational Therapist. In my spare time I love practicing Photography and spending time outdoors.


My Name is Magan and I work in the resort at All For Pets. I have been working here since May of 2015 and I love my job. I love being able to work with animals every day. I have a cat named Binx and a dog named Egypt who I recently adopted from All For Pets. I love working in a vet clinic because I aspire to become a veterinarian one day.