Our mission at All For Pets Veterinary Clinic is to educate our “pet parents” about the services we provide to your cherished pet!

Preventative Care

All for Pets provides canine and feline immunizations, a variety of heartworm, flea and tick, and intestinal parasite preventative. Our hospital can perform in house bloodwork with same day result and treat majority of illnesses and diseases. An out-lab service is available for any specialty testing your pet may require. Our hospital offers an online pharmacy for your convenience, visit allforpetsvet.vetsfirstchoice.com to get started ordering your pets prescriptions today!

Must be an active patient to receive approvals on prescriptions.

Veterinary Surgery

All For Pets Veterinary Clinic offers general surgical procedures, such as spays, neuters, and more.” . All are performed using integrated anesthetic protocol. All are on monitors for heart and oxygen levels during the anesthetic period. We also dedicate a veterinary nurse to attend to all patients until their core body temperature has risen to at least 100.0F and all patients have a medical plan to provide pain management after the surgery. A Board Certified surgeon is available if a patient requires a specialized procedure.

Veterinary Dentistry

Yes pets need dental care too. Just think what your mouth would look like if you only saw your dentist every 7 years. EEEEW!!! We evaluate every patient prior to the procedure to give you an estimate of what may be needed.

Here is an example of a recent patient who presented with a complaint of pain when eating. The first picture is all her mom could see of the canine tooth. No problems…right??

Teeth Cleaning for Dogs in Cabot AR

The second picture is of the radiograph that was taken. We use digital technology for our dental patients.  This allows us to obtain instantaneous radiographs which results in a reduction of anesthetic time for each patient. This radiograph shows multiple “resorptive lesions”. This is seen only in our feline patients. The enamel is being destroyed and results in our patients hurting and possible infected or abscessed roots.

All For Pets Vet Services in CabotThis patient had all of these problems. He is going to be feeling much better having that out of his mouth.

Studies have shown that there is 33% more pathology occurring below the gum line than what we can see. This is why radiography is so important to diagnose and treat problems.

Not all patients have to have their teeth extracted. We have products available to use to save some teeth, if attended to early enough. Multiple procedures may be required, however our goal is to save teeth not extract them.

We also teach our parents how to maintain oral health using chews, oral washes and barrier sealants. Ask our team members what your pet needs to have “pearly whites”.

Microchip Recovery Systems

Veterinary technology has evolved rapidly to provide help to recover lost pets to their families. We currently use Home Again microchips. It is a small “chip” about the size of a grain of rice. We place it under the skin just above the shoulder blade. You are also given a tag to attach to their collar. We then submit your registration form online so that if your pet runs away from home or is taken, you contact their representative and they have a step by step procedure to help your pet come back home.